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Do you want to go abroad? To live abroad? Prepare for expatriation ? Travel for holidays? Going to study abroad?

Are you planning to move abroad or study in another country ? As many of you ask us for more information on the different countries around the world which are more than 200, Mondassur thought it could be a good idea to present the main characteristics for each country.



Mondassur provides you with all the necessary information to prepare your stay abroad.

In these pages, you will find information on the health system, international medical insurance, travel circuits, invaluable information for better living abroad and many tips for studying abroad.

The number of international students, travelers and expatriates in the world is constantly increasing. Regarding expatriates, they are today more than 56 million. Expats stay on average 5 years abroad.

To live abroad

Why go live abroad? Job opportunities, attractions of a country or culture, love or political reasons.

The most economically dynamic countries are those that most easily attract expatriates as in many Asian countries: China - Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand. Some obstacles exist among which the difficulties of obtaining work visas such as in the United States or Japan which tends today to open its borders more. Africa with countries like Senegal offers great opportunities as well. Latin America with Brazil or Chile or smaller American countries also attract expatriates and of course the many different European countries.

We will introduce you to the local health system and points to understand before leaving to find the best international health insurance in your country of expatriation.

To study abroad

Why study abroad? Universities have more and more exchange partnerships for their students. In many economic sectors, fluent mastering of a foreign language and its culture has become essential and shows a greater openness. Having an experience abroad is a plus for a student's future career.

A student is interested in improving his English which is reputed the international language. This often favors English-speaking countries offering great opportunities to international students: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia in Oceania. Areas with a dynamic economic zone as in Asia are also popular among international students. Most students go to China, Singapore or South Korea but also for internships countries like Thailand or Vietnam.

Note that to study in an American university, you will need a specific international student insurance for the US. It will include medical costs, repatriation and other benefits considered as essential for American universities. We can advise you the best student insurance plan which corresponds to the criteria of American universities for studying in the US.

We advise you on the best international student insurance which varies according to your country of origin, your destination, the duration of your stay and the objective of your stay: study or do an internship or a summer job.

Travel abroad

Why travel abroad? Whether it is a multi-month road trip or a summer family vacation, everything is good for discovering new cultures and landscapes. We advise you on the best times to travel, the cities to visit absolutely and the necessary steps before leaving as the purchase of a travel insurance.

The most popular destinations evolve with some best-sellers: the United States, France, Mexico, China, Thailand, European countries for cultural and geographical diversity such as Spain or Italy or for their economic and historical attractions like the UK or Germany.

We advise you on the best travel insurance with adapted benefits to your type of stay (individual traveler, tour package) and your destination taking into account the medical facilities available to a traveler in the country.

Choosing the best international medical insurance

International medical insurance to live abroad with confidence or travel insurance to travel abroad safely are essential if you plan to discover the world.

The Mondassur team, specialist in international insurance for more than 15 years, advises you on the best international health insurance and compares the best expatriate insurance contracts or travel insurance to find the best insurance according to your budget, the duration of your stay, your situation and the needed benefits.

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