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Health insurance for Oceania to access quality medical care

Before leaving for Oceania, it is imperative to provide a comprehensive international health insurance to ensure you access to quality healthcare. Your health coverage can also offer you other essential guarantees for a continent like Oceania: repatriation, emergency medical transport or even the sending of drugs not found on site are additional benefits to choose your medical coverage for abroad. Mondassur offers different forms of private medical insurance for the countries of Oceania according to your situation and your budget. The GoldExpat formula allows you to benefit from reduced international medical insurance rates for Australia and New Zealand because of the geographical area negotiated with our insurers.

Quality infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand

Oceania offers healthcare of relatively good quality, but often quite expensive and very uneven accessibility depending on the area where you are. Major cities in Australia and New Zealand are very often very well equipped, but apart from that, access to care can be more complicated, if not impossible, in the case of specific medical procedures. Medical procedures are, in most cases, of good quality and delivered in modern and well-equipped establishments, but Oceania also has health risks to be taken into account, in particular risks related to the very nature of this territory (extreme heat, local diseases, bites of insects or plants that can lead to poisoning ...). Moreover, apart from the two countries mentioned above, the other countries of Oceania offer most often limited care and very difficult to access, because of their geographical position and their size.

Take an international health insurance before leaving

Going to Oceania is a complicated project and very long to implement which many people dream. Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations that, despite their remoteness, are attracting more and more people. The living environment, the climate, the landscapes or the search for adventure are all reasons that lead us to discover Oceania. However, and as for any other destination, it is imperative to have prepared your trip by having chosen a medical coverage adapted to not be unprepared once on site. This is how young people leaving for working holiday programs have the obligation to take out an international medical insurance before they leave.

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