Why is it important to purchase international health insurance?

You have planned a trip abroad? Traveling as a tourist, or for professional missions? Whatever your project and destination, it is important to prepare your trip so that you can travel with peace of mind. The choice of an international health insurance adapted to your situation is very important in order to protect you against any health problem or unforeseen situation. Some countries, such as Canada or the United States, have very high medical costs, while others still have many gaps in terms of access and quality of care. Your international insurance is there to cover you and allow you access to quality care wherever you are.

Travel Pass insurance: an international health insurance adapted for America

Whether you are a tourist or a professional traveling abroad, we offer our Travel Pass insurance to cover you during your stay. This insurance is a very complete formula, offering the essential guarantees of an international insurance. In addition to the direct coverage of your hospitalization expenses and reimbursement of your current medical expenses, this insurance also offers repatriation assistance and emergency medical transport, and a civil liability for material and bodily injury. This formula is without a doubt the best international health insurance for all your trips abroad less than 90 days, because of its high guarantees and its very economical price.

How does the medical cover abroad of my Travel Pass insurance work?

Thanks to its medical care coverage up to 500.000 €, your Travel Pass insurance offers you a medical coverage adapted whatever the country in which you are, including the United States and Canada, which are the countries who have the highest medical costs. In addition, this insurance is very easy to use: in case of hospitalization, you just have to contact our medical platform so that your insurance will take care of your expenses. As far as everyday medicine is concerned, all you have to do is send us your bills and prescriptions so that we can reimburse you for your expenses. In addition, you are completely free to choose the hospital or doctor of your choice.

What about my Repatriation Assistance Guarantee?

In addition to very high medical coverage, your Travel Pass insurance also offers you other essential guarantees, including assistance with repatriation.
Repatriation assistance is essential when traveling, especially in very large countries and in remote areas, as it may be in Canada or South America, or when you are in areas with significant access to poor quality care, as may be the case in some Central American countries, such as El Salvador. In addition, emergency medical transportation will allow you to be rushed to a hospital to receive the necessary care, regardless of your situation and location. You can go exploring the great Canadian North or the Argentine Pampas safely.

The liability of my Travel Pass insurance

Depending on your country of destination, personal liability is also very important. Indeed, no one is safe from causing an accident, even involuntarily, and this guarantee is there to protect you should that happen. Indeed, the slightest accident can have very restrictive financial consequences, and your civil liability is there to protect you and take care of the damage caused. Such a guarantee is essential, especially for a country like the United States where the least accident can be counted in thousands of dollars. Note however that this liability will cover you in your daily life, but will not be adapted to cover accidents related to the use of a vehicle. Finally, this civil liability does not enter into account in a professional context.

How to take out your Travel Pass insurance?

Travel Pass insurance can be subscribed directly and very quickly online on our website www.mondassur.com. This formula has no waiting period, and has a very advantageous rate. Do not hesitate to consult the brochure to know the details of the guarantees of the Travel Pass insurance, available from 30 € per month!

What other insurance is available to me?

Travel Pass insurance is, without a doubt, the best option for trips of less than 90 days. However, whatever your project and the length of our stay, we have a formula adapted to your project. This formula will cover you not only in America, but also in all countries of the world.

Are you leaving more than 90 days? Discover Generation insurance plans, which can cover you up to 1 year abroad.

Are you under 35? Premium Access insurance will offer you a very interesting and economical cover.

You are a frequent flyer and you have several trips planned in the year? Let yourself be tempted by our Horizon 365 annual travel insurance and its subscription to the year which offers you coverage at less than 1 € per day.

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to establish a personalized quote with one of our experts in international health insurance. Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at 01 80 87 57 80.