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Protect yourself and your family. Choose the best top-up insurance plans for expatriates with wide range of benefits.

Take care of yourself and your family abroad. Benefit from very good guarantees at the best price for a complementary expatriate insurance CFE (Caisse des Français abroad).

Taking health insurance in addition to the CFE allows French expatriates to be better covered than with the mere cover of the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger. For some countries, this is essential, Mondassur explains why.

 Top up international health insurance

What is the CFE?

The CFE, or Caisse des Français de l'Etranger, is a health insurance fund that works like French social security and covers your medical needs abroad if you choose to contribute, this is not mandatory. As a member of the CFE, you and your family can continue to benefit from the French health insurance plan during your expatriation. However, the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger rarely reimburses medical expenses at 100%, which is why it is very advisable to subscribe to an international health insurance supplement at the CFE.
To understand everything about the CFE

To better understand who can benefit from the CFE, how do the refunds of the CFE work, what are the waiting times if you did not join when you leave France or how much the contributions to the CFE and a complementary insurance to the CFE, we propose you to detail this information in different articles on complementary health insurance at the CFE.

If you do not want to join the CFE, you have the option to take out insurance called the 1st euro. The Mondassur GOLDEXPAT insurance operates either on the 1st euro, without intervention from the CFE, or in addition to the CFE. Your health care reimbursements will be the same with both formulas. What will change? You will have to pay contributions to the CFE and contributions to Mondassur and you will have 2 interlocutors throughout the life of your contract. Nevertheless, Mondassur has made available to its international insured a "one-stop shop" allowing you to send your refund requests to Mondassur and obtain from us the reimbursement of the CFE and that of the complementary Mondassur.

Why take out additional insurance CFE Mondassur?

In order to leave as calmly as possible for your new expatriation abroad, Mondassur advises you in the subscription of a complementary insurance CFE. Here are some good reasons to trust Mondassur International Insurance:

  • High quality insurance with international renown
  • Very competitive prices
  • A helpline available 7/7 and 24/24
  • Hospitalization at 100% of actual costs
  • Maximums of guarantees adapted to the international
  • The 3 GoldExpat CFE formulas offering 100% hospitalization coverage and, depending on the chosen Access, Safe or Premium formula, an out-of-hospital care coverage between 80% and 90%. The Safe and Premium formulas cover 90% of current medical care and are different because the Premium formula offers higher reimbursement ceilings.

Request a quote online for your top up insurance CFE Mondassur.

About Mondassur

Expert in international insurance since 2001, we now provide many expatriates, international students, tourists and globetrotters in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia-Oceania on contracts. health insurance on the 1st euro or in addition to the CFE, travel and provident insurance and insurance for international students. Thanks to a network of serious partners and strong insurers, we are today able to offer some of the best complementary CFE insurance on the market. Trust Mondassur!

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