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Are you leaving or living abroad? Are you planning your next vacation abroad? Are you going to study in a foreign country? Going abroad is a wonderful project that requires preparation in advance.


Your search for international health insurance

You are in the midst of finding information about your destination and the administrative steps required to prepare for your departure. A departure abroad often rhymes with the collection of information on very varied subjects like the visa formalities, the updated passport, the international means of payment, the transport to go in the country or to circulate on the spot, the program of your stay or how to look for a job if your plan is to work abroad and obviously international health insurance. You have had the opportunity to browse many websites to find the best information and you remain confused by the complexity of medical insurance abroad to find the best solution among the different types of international medical insurance plans.


International health insurance is essential

You know that international health insurance is essential for a departure abroad. An accident or a serious illness can affect everyone, even those who are the most robust and fit. This is part of the vagaries of life and you have to prepare for it. In your home country, it will always be easier to deal with it because you have your habits, the family is with you, it is your language and your culture. When you are abroad, you will be in a new environment with a health system different from that of your country of origin. How do you know what international medical insurance you need? How much does a good health insurance cost for the United States? What are the medical expenses in Chile or Senegal? What is the price of an expatriate health insurance in Cambodia or medical coverage in South Africa? If you are going to study abroad, how much does international student insurance cost for the USA or Singapore? What guarantees should you take when living in Thailand or South Africa? What insurance for Cuba of what insurance to get a visa for Russia ? What is the point of repatriation assistance? How to insure your family abroad?


Find the best international health insurance for you

For all these questions about health abroad, ask for a free and immediate quote online for health insurance for abroad. The insurance experts of Mondassur are there to answer you and accompany you in your choice of the best international health insurance according to your situation and your budget. For over 15 years, Mondassur insurances cover people living outside their home country. Our international insurance experts Mondassur will always offer the best international insurance for your situation, your destination and your budget. As an international insurance broker, we offer health insurance for expatriates, travel insurance and insurance for international students at the best price and with the best possible health coverage.

Our goal is therefore to advise you at best on the many international insurance contracts depending on your country of stay, the length of your stay, your budget and the purpose of the trip.

Mondassur offers you the guarantees necessary for peace of mind for being covered abroad with:

- Hospitalization expenses

- Health and medical expenses

- Maternity, dental, optics, well-being, prevention

- repatriation assistance

- Legal and civil liability insurance

Mondassur makes it easy for you to get answers to your questions about international insurance

You can contact us by phone at +33 (0) 1 80 87 57 80 or on What's App at +33766541212. Our advisors answer all your questions and help you choose the best solution. You can also contact us by email at .

A free online quote is available to find the international health insurance that suits you. By simply completing the "purpose of stay", the "country of origin", the "country of destination" and your dates of stay, you will have a personalized quote. This quote will offer you several health insurance plans according to your criteria. Simple and fast, you just have to choose the medical insurance that suits you best.

Once you have made your choice, you can purchase online the international insurance Mondassur. You will receive a confirmation email with your insurance certificate, your insurance card and the conditions of the contract as well as the reimbursement procedure in the event of a claim for compensation during your stay abroad. Our medical assistance platform is available 24/7 for all our insureds.

If you want more information about your destination country, we have specially designed for you multiple tips on what you need to know by country, the country health system and the type of international insurance needed. These pages have everything you need to know about the destination before you go.

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