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This insurance plan covers expatriate worldwide including home country. Possibility of optional coverage for dental & optical care, repatriation assistance and personal liability. The plan Gold Expat Safe offers good value for money at interesting price. Different services offered by GoldExpat :

  • Reimburses 100% inpatient costs with direct payment.
  • Choice of practitioners worldwide.
  • Medical platform 24h/24 and 7/7.
  • Access to personalized online account withclaims, certificate...Etc. 24h/24.

Expat Insurance Compared

Global limit
Outpatient medical treatment
Prescription drugs
Dental care
Dental prosthesis, orthodontics
Optical care
Other prosthesis
Repatriation, evacuation, personal liability
Detailed benefits and prices
GoldExpat Safe
Flexible expatriate insurance for countries with moderate medical costs (limited to persons with previous french residency or family)
More information
Up to 1.000.000€
100% actual costs
90% actual costs
90% actual costs
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 1000€/year
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 200€/prosthesis
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 150€/year
90% actual costs max. 200€/prosthesis
100% actual costs max 4.500€
From 83€/Month
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