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First expat: your tailored health insurance  that insures you worldwide including in your home country. 

You can choose your level of international health guarantees. You can also benefit from expanded coverage by subscribing to one of the following options: optical / dental, maternity, retirement planning, repatriation assistance

The 4 levels of cover

  • Quartz (a first level of security in terms of health coverage)
  • Pearl (a more comfortable level of guarantees) and
  • Sapphire (a first high-end level of reimbursement of medical expenses)
  • Diamond (a level of comfort for your total health care)

Expat Insurance Compared

Global limit
Outpatient medical treatment
Prescription drugs
Dental care
Dental prosthesis, orthodontics
Optical care
Other prosthesis
Repatriation, evacuation, personal liability
Detailed benefits and prices
First Expat
Good value for money. 4 levels of cover from Quartz (budget) to Diamond (fully comprehensive).
More information
From 400.000€ to 2 400.000€
100% actual costs
100% actual costs. From 80€/visit to unlimited 
100% actual costs. from 1000€/year to unlimited
Optional. 100% actual costs limited to €1000-3500 per year
Optional. covered
Optional. €100 to €600/year
Optional. 100% actual costs. 1000€ to 4000€ per year
Optional: maternity package . from 3 500€ to 11 000€/year
From 89€/Month
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