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Are you an expatriate or do you have expatriation projects? Our expatriate health insurance covers you from the 1st euro disbursed.

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Choosing a good International Health Insurance

Before leaving to immigrate abroad, it is important to take out an international health insurance. Even if it sounds simple, the task is not always so easy. Healthcare insurance plans are more and more numerous and it is sometimes difficult to know how to differentiate contracts and choose the right expatriate insurance. Here is a list of the most important criteria to consider when choosing the most suitable expatriate insurance for your situation:

- The management of hospitalization

- Benefits Maximums

- Deductibles or Excesses

- Repatriation Assistance

- Personal liability

Criteria for choosing an international health insurance

Hospitalization must be paid directly for international health insurance if you live abroad and you must be able to benefit from "third-party payment". If you have to be hospitalized, you (or your family or the hospital) get in touch with our medical platform to ensure that you are solvent through your Mondassur health insurance and that you can be treated accordingly.

Depending on the option you choose, benefits maximums apply. Depending on your situation, your age, your budget, the country where you live, it may be interesting to choose a formula with maximums of more or less high guarantees which will result in lower or higher reimbursements of your health expenses .

International Mondassur insurances have few deductibles and Goldexpat insurance operates on benefits maximums rather than deductibles, which allows you to be reimbursed from the first euro disbursed without having to wait to spend a certain amount to be able to be reimbursed for your health expenses.

It is essential for certain countries and in certain situations to take out a repatriation assistance guarantee. It intervenes when it is not possible to treat you where you live considering the poor quality of the infrastructures or the specificity of your medical care requiring to organize your transport in a medical facility that can treat you according to international medical standards recognized. Our Mondassur experts can advise you on whether to subscribe to repatriation assistance or not.

Lastly, the personal liability insurance abroad can be very useful for expatriates abroad and especially if you have children, they will need liability insurance to participate in their school or extracurricular activities.

Trust Mondassur

Now a major player in the field of international health insurance and expatriation, Mondassur accompanies thousands of people each year going abroad. Thanks to a solid network of partners of world renown and a point of honor put on the quality of its services, Mondassur proposes today expatriate insurance of very high quality. All the health insurance plans we offer have the best guarantees at a competitive price, as well as a helpline available 7/7 and 24/24 that you can contact from all over the world in case of problems. Travel around the world safely with Mondassur expatriate insurances. Request a quote directly online for international expatriate insurance.

Our international health insurance plans

Expat Insurance Compared

Global limit
Outpatient medical treatment
Prescription drugs
Dental care
Dental prosthesis, orthodontics
Optical care
Other prosthesis
Repatriation, evacuation, personal liability
Detailed benefits and prices
GoldExpat Premium
Excellent value. Coverage worlwide. Additional options available: dental care, optical, assistance & repatriation.
More information
Up to 1.500.000€
100 % actual costs
90% actual costs
90% actual costs
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 2000€/year
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 350€/prosthesis
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 300€/year
90% actual costs max. 400€/prosthesis
100% actual costs max 6.000€
From 99€/Month
pdf More information
GoldExpat Safe
Flexible expatriate insurance for countries with moderate medical costs (limited to persons with previous french residency or family)
More information
Up to 1.000.000€
100% actual costs
90% actual costs
90% actual costs
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 1000€/year
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 200€/prosthesis
Optional: 90% actual costs max. 150€/year
90% actual costs max. 200€/prosthesis
100% actual costs max 4.500€
From 83€/Month
pdf More information
GoldExpat Access
Expat insurance for tight budgets. Flexible options: dental care, optical, assistance & repatriation.
More information
Up to 750.000€
100 % actual costs
80% actual costs
80% actual costs
Optional: 80% actual costs max. 1000€/year
Optional: 80% actual costs max. 200€/prosthesis
Optional: 80% actual costs max. 150€/year
80% actual costs max. 200€/prosthesis
100% actual costs max 4.500€
From 72€/Month
pdf More information
First Expat
Good value for money. 4 levels of cover from Quartz (budget) to Diamond (fully comprehensive).
More information
From 400.000€ to 2 400.000€
100% actual costs
100% actual costs. From 80€/visit to unlimited 
100% actual costs. from 1000€/year to unlimited
Optional. 100% actual costs limited to €1000-3500 per year
Optional. covered
Optional. €100 to €600/year
Optional. 100% actual costs. 1000€ to 4000€ per year
Optional: maternity package . from 3 500€ to 11 000€/year
From 89€/Month
pdf More information
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