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Expatriation in a foreign country is a path full of pitfalls. Choosing an international health insurance is often a prerequisite in view of your situation in your host country and the healthcare system of the country. What are the country health regimes in the world? Am I expatriate or detached? Should I take out expatriate health insurance? Mondassur answers your questions about insurance and health country by country.

assurance sante par pays

I will work abroad

As a worker in a foreign country, you generally depend on one of the following 2 cases:

I am a seconded worker

This means that your contract is a French contract and that you remain affiliated to the French social protection system; Your company sends you for a fixed-term assignment in a foreign country. As such, you keep the coverage of the French social security during the whole of your mission in the country. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is strongly recommended that you take out a supplemental international insurance allowing you to have a charge for your expenses not covered by French social security and for guarantees such as repatriation to your country of origin , This type of mutual insurance company is also called private supplementary expatriate insurance.

I am an expat

You no longer depend on the French social protection system. Your French company sends you abroad with a specific contract, you work in a local company of the country where you reside or you create your company abroad. As such, you are considered to be a resident of the country in which you reside and can benefit (but not always!) From the social system of the country of residence. It is essential for you to learn very quickly in order to know how you are covered. In all cases, we recommend that you take out private expatriate insurance. Some countries have a health care system that is still very rudimentary and international health insurance covers you immediately, regardless of your situation and allows you to go through better care facilities. If necessary, private insurance also allows repatriation to France.

Health insurance schemes by country

Every country in the world has its own health insurance system. It is often difficult for expatriates to obtain information on a country's specific health care system or to know the insurance methods to which they are entitled (sickness, old age, unemployment, industrial accidents, family allowances, maternity. ..). In order to facilitate all these steps and to guide international expatriates, Mondassur has created explanatory pages on health insurance schemes by country:

Australia - Brazil - Canada - Chile - United States - India - Mexico - United Kingdom - Russia - Singapore - Thailand - Vietnam

GoldExpat - expatriate insurance covering you abroad

GoldExpat is a Comprehensive Health Insurance for the whole world At 1st Euro or in addition to the CFE.

  • Insurance for all destinations from the first euro spent.
  • Insurance à la carte with 3 coverage options: Expat Premium, Expat Safe, Expat Access.
  • Public liability
  • Guaranteed coverage during your stay in your country of origin and your holiday abroad
  • Repatriation insurance

The GoldExpat insurance covers every year many expatriates from all over the world of all nationalities. This one is adapted to each need and all the budgets. GoldExpat is first and foremost highly responsive with multilingual experts and consultants and 24/7 support platforms around the world. GoldExpat is also a simple and fast operation with direct payment in case of hospitalization with a simple call. Finally GoldExpat is an international network of hospitals and medical practitioners to provide you with the best care everywhere in the world.

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