Insurance for Expatriates in 1st Euro – First Expat

First Expat: your bespoke international health insurance at the 1st Euro. It assures you all over the world, including in your home country. You can choose your level of international health coverage for your overseas health care reimbursements of up to 100% of your actual expenses. You can also benefit from expanded coverage by subscribing to one of the following options: optics/dental, maternity, pension, repatriation assistance.

Who can buy First Expat expat insurance?

Do you go abroad for at least one year or two years? Do you already live abroad? First Expat insurance can be purchased by anyone living outside their country of nationality, abroad and outside their country of origin, regardless of the duration. Whether you are self-employed, an employee, an artist, a company executive, a craftsman… you can benefit from First Expat insurance.

Vos avantages avec l’assurance santé internationale First Expat au 1er Euro ?

  • From €88 per month
  • International insurance very complete and flexible for all budgets
  • A simple and fast subscription with an online personal space
  • 24/7 support platform around the world


Parmi les autres avantages de First Expat :

  • Paiement direct en cas d’hospitalisation
  • Libre choix de médecins et hôpitaux à l’étranger, aucune contrainte de franchise
  • L’accès gratuit à une base de praticiens et établissements médicaux de qualité dans le monde entier avec les prix négociés pour vous
  • E-claiming pour faciliter la procédure de remboursement de frais médicaux
  • Tiers payant disponible pour tout type de soins aux Etats-Unis
  • La traduction gratuite de vos demandes de remboursements.
  • La prise en charge de vos frais médicaux lors de vos déplacements professionnels et de vos vacances à l’étranger.

Your guarantees with First Expat at 1st Euro

The First Expat contract is a bespoke international insurance contract. You have the option to vary the coverage of your care and the amount of your premium depending on your choice of options. This insurance is in the 1st euro, that is, it operates without the intervention of social security or the CFE.

First Expat contracts offer 4 packages:

  • QUARTZ (excluding THE US): a first level of health coverage safety
  • PEARL: a more comfortable level of guarantees
  • SAPPHIRE: a top-of-the-line first-level reimbursement of your medical expenses
  • DIAMOND: A total level of comfort for your health care

These 4 formulas include coverage for hospitalization and routine medical care.

Hospitalization and routine medical care are covered up to 100 of the actual costs according to the chosen formula and within the limits of the contract limits. You can get coverage up to 100 of all your treatments for destinations outside the USA.

Regarding your coverage in the US, the contract is in USD. You will have a co-payment for some medical care. Refunds are made at the reasonable and usual cost of your care. You can also benefit from the third-payer service for any type of care in the United States.

You can add a dental and optical expenses option and an additional option for maternity. You can also add repatriation assistance and pension guarantees.

How much does First Expat health insurance cost at the1st Euro?

The price of First Expat International Health Insurance varies depending on your country of expatriation and your family situation (individual or family):

From €88 per month.

How do I buy First Expat insurance at the1st Euro?

The formalities are kept to a minimum and include:

  1. Send the completed membership form with the medical questionnaire.
  2. Attach a copy of your passport and RIB for the implementation of refunds.
  3. Include the desired payment method. Subscriptions can be done by email. To confirm your membership you will then have to send us the documents by mail.

Please contact us and ask us all your questions about this insurance. Our multilingual team is available by phone, email or Whatsapp.

What are the terms and conditions for First Expat insurance?

  • The guarantees take effect upon receipt of the subscription slip, medical questionnaire, bank identity statement, a copy of the passport, payment of contributions and after acceptance of the insurer.
  • The beneficiary of the contract is insured as soon as he is registered:
    • immediately for care and hospitalization due to accidents and unannounced diseases,
    • after 3 months for dental care and periodontology,
    • after 6 months for care and dentures including dental, orthodontics, optics,
    • after 10 months for a maternity
    • after 12 months for psychiatric care and medically assisted reproduction.

These deadlines can be waived if health insurance was previously purchased and terminated for less than a month, except for maternity.

  • The contract is signed for a renewable year by tacit agreement and can be denounced with two months’ notice according to the guarantees of the contract.
  • Contributions are payable quarterly, semi-annually or annually by bank transfer, French cheque, Visa or Mastercard bank card, or direct debit.

How does First Expat International Health Insurance work atthe 1st Euro?

In case of hospitalization, you have nothing to advance. The hospital is freely chosen by the beneficiary. You should contact the 24/7 medical platform, which sends care and pays the costs directly to the hospital.

Refunds of other medical expenses are made, on invoices paid, very quickly, by bank transfer. Refunds can be accessed via the internet.

The physician (general practitioner and specialist) and medical practitioners are freely chosen by the beneficiary.

In the United States, you can get a third-party payment service available for any type of care.

Why Mondassur?

  • Health insurance for expatriates regardless of your nationality and for all destinations from the1st Euro spent.
  • A high-level multilingual service to accompany you throughout your contract.
  • A free analysis of your needs to find the most appropriate insurance formula for your budget.
  • Bespoke guarantees that allow you to pay the price that fits your budget.
  • The financial strength of leading partners in international insurance
  • A la carte insurance with 4 coverage packages: Quartz (excluding USA/Canada), Pearl, Sapphire and Diamond.
  • Reimbursement of dental, optical and optional preventive and maternity care with higher ceilings (optional).
  • Insurance that can cover your pre-existing conditions.

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