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In any case, according to the country of expatriation, you can benefit from social protection of the country in which the employee will work. In countries of European Union social protection is quite similar, in particular for retirement and unemployment insurance.

Here are the different solutions depending on the type of protection:

Health insurance and provident scheme

There are 2 options: 1st euro insurance or national programs for expatriates topped up by an additional insurance (like CFE in France – Fund for French Abroad).

Top up insurance

To give an example, CFE – Fund for French Abroad, is a private organization to which voluntary contributions are paid based on the status and level of remuneration. It is strongly advised to take out an additional private insurance to enable you to be properly reimbursed for your medical care abroad. This is also essential in many countries because medical costs can vary significantly comparing to the national costs.

It is important to know that national programs for expatriates will reimburse you according to the rates of the national social security agreement (without taking into account the excess fees). For example a consultation with a doctor will be refunded by 70% of the amount of the Social Security Agreement in France, or 23 euros. One can easily imagine that the price of a medical consultation abroad will often be higher. Moreover, in case of hospitalization, if you do not have a private additional health cover, you (the employee or the employer) will have to pay the hospital directly before seeking reimbursement of costs, which will yet take several weeks.

1st euro insurance

Insurance plans from the 1st euro offer a lot of flexibility and different options depending on your needs and budget. The principle is that the insurer will cover all costs undertaken. It is important to choose a contract based on actual costs. The choice of the level of reimbursement, ceilings applied, options (dental and optical types) depends on the budget allocated to the employee. There are many standard or custommized contracts.


The basic retirement pension

The employees work in a country of the European Union

They could benefit from the retirement scheme of the country which could be accumulated and recorded in his/her national retirement scheme.

The employees work in a country outside the European Union or in a country that has no agreement with the country of origin

They lose their pension rights; this is particularly important for calculating quarters. There are national programs for expatriate pensionners abroad, like the French CFE (Fund for French Abroad) old age program. In some cases, you can contribute to these national funds for expatriates for retirement only and take out a 1st euro health insurance.

Unemployment insurance

The employees work in a country of the European Union

They will benefit from unemployment insurance in the country of expatriation.

The employees work outside the European Union

Before departure their employer may join the national Employment Agency by paying voluntary contributions to enable the compensation in case of unemployment.


Mondassur, insurance broker specializing in international insurance plans for your staff, helps you and advises you to find the most suitable deal for your needs and your budget.

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