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Generally, the expatriate status remains the most interesting for an employer.

But here are the possibilities for employers in order to find their staff overseas:

• Recruit locally with a local contract

The staff will be subject to the law of the country where the employees work. The social protection therefore depends on the country in which the person works and on the contract negotiation between the employer and the employee.

• Send one of your employees abroad as an expatriate

the employee will be recruited internally with a local contract or by changing the terms of the current contract. Social protection can be reconstituted abroad for health insurance, provident and retirement. However, in terms of family benefits and unemployment insurance, will depend on the country of expatriation and negotiation with the employer.

• Send one of your employees abroad with a posted status

The social protection of the employee will remain the same as that which the employee benefits in their home country. The posted status is often interesting for employees going abroad for short periods (less than 2 years). The expatriate status remains the most interesting for an employer.

Mondassur offers insurance solutions for expatriates employees but also for employees in local contract or for posted. Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized quote for your employees, depending on their situation.


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