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Flying with a baby

You are planning to fly with a baby?

If you're used to travel at the last minute, without much organization, you will have to review your strategy when travelling with your newborn. For airlines, a baby is considered as such until the age of 2.

First of all, if you want to fly with your baby before their 7 days, you must have a medical certificate. As every individual, your baby must carry a passport or an identity card. Depending on the destination and the airline chosen, the ticket price will be either totally free or of a value of 10% to 30% of the ticket for an adult.

For some companies you can choose to reserve a seat for your infant or to travel with him on your lap with a special belt. In case you book a seat, you can directly benefit from the weight of luggage for children; otherwise you will receive a cabin baggage weighing less than 12 kg and a checked baggage of 10 kg.

Regulations on liquid containers larger than 100ml will not apply for your baby's bottles. So you can bring with you everything you need for your child during the flight.

Good to know: some airports do not allow access for strollers for safety reasons.

Do a little yoga before the trip to relax before what can easily become a very challenging trip !

Do not forget your travel insurance to travel with peace of mind!

Formalities to travel to the United States

The United States attracts an increasing number of tourists every year. To travel, there still have some formalities to fulfil.

Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the end date of your travel in the USA. However, if you are part of nationals of countries that have signed a visa waiver agreement with the U.S., which is the case of France, the United States considers that your passport is valid for 6 months beyond its expiration date. It is advised to go and check the date of your passport knowing it is valid for 10 years from its creation.

If you go for sightseeing or for a business trip for less than 90 days, you do not need a visa if your country of nationality has signed a visa waiver, which is the case of France. Simply apply for ESTA online using a form available on the website of the Embassy of the United States. You will be asked some questions about your stay you have to answer honestly. The amount of the ESTA is $14 and is valid for 2 years (or until the expiration of your passport). If you are heading for another reason or if your country has not signed any visa waiver agreement, you will need a visa for the United States.

Security gates
When you get to the security filter, make sure your computer, mobile phone, tablet and all devices operating on batteries are loaded so as to turn them on and use them. The customs agent may ask you to turn it on and check that they work and they belong to you. If it is impossible to turn your precious tool on it may be confiscated or even destroyed!

Travel with a Working Holiday Visa for Brazil !

France has signed in December 2013 a special agreement for youngsters to live and work in Brazil up to 1 year. Check out this opportunity for your country !
For more information on the working holiday program in Brazil, you can read the official statement detailing the conditions of this exchange.
What are the requirements to start a WHV in Brazil?
  • Not having already received a WHV visa for Brazil
  • Have minimum resources
  • Have a medical certificate of good health
  • Demonstrate proof of WH International health insurance for the entire duration of stay
  • Go to Brazil for tourism or work
  • Be between 18 and 30 years at the time you apply for your visa.
  • Have a valid passport (during the whole stay)
  • Have a return ticket (or sufficient resources to buy one )
  • Not be accompanied by dependents
  • Submit a criminal record
How to apply for your WHV visa for Brazil?

Visa Process has not been completely finalized.
You will also have to follow certain formalities on arrival in Brazil as detailed in the agreement.

Sustainable Tourism

Now that touristic peak season is over, let's take a closer look to new ways of travelling worldwide.

Sustainable tourism is a new way to plan a trip taking into account ecology, local economy and also social and ethical aspects. The term "sustainable tourism" refers to all forms of alternative tourism that attempts to minimize negative impacts on the local environment.

This form of tourism should provide a viable economic activity for all players, whether locals or travelers. It is the opportunity for tourists to gain a better insight of local issues and ways to improve them. Major national, regional or international organisations set up policies and awareness campaigns related to sustainable tourism. This is the case of the European Union, the United Nations, the World Tourism Organization or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Eco-tourism, fair-trade tourism, volunteering or social tourism are all examples of sustainable tourism being more and more popular. For those who are already planning the next trip...

Make a Worldwide Tour !

Many of us dream of travelling around the world ... but where to start ? Depending on your age, your budget, your interests, you can travel by plane, train and even boat, working locally to pay for your travel or leave everything in the hands of a tour operator. Here are some tips to prepare for your trip:

-Before leaving, you should set your budget, knowing that airline tickets are often expensive. Ask travel agencies offering "world tour" tickets with established routes. Costs in less expensive countries (like in Asia and Latin America) will be offset by those in most expensive countries (for example Japan or the United States).

-We also advise you to plan routes according to the climate, security, jetlag, but also tourist periods to be avoided. It is also recommended to learn about the cultures of the countries visited. You have to enjoy and make the most of your adventure!

-Remember to update your immunizations, have a valid passport and any necessary visas. Also, try to travel with only the most essential items in your bag!

-Finally, purchase a travel insurance to travel with peace of mind ! Choose a travel insurance specific for Worldwide Tour !

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