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Wedged between two seas , the Red one and the other Dead , Jordan is a small country three quarters invaded by the desert and long undemanding nomads, a hinge between the Mediterranean and the East, which succeeded to many civilizations.

1. Petra :

Walking to enjoy the scenery and the abandoned city where the tombs and temples are carved into the rock.

Jordanie Pétra de nuit

2. Wadi Rum’s desert

Cross the desert to discover a magnificent panorama, with contrasts, reliefs, made of canyons, caves and rock arches.

Jordanie Desert wadi rum


3. The Dead Sea :

For its incredible sunset. And of course for the experience of swimming in a so much salt water that the body floats effortlessly.

The Dead Sea also has therapeutic virtues on skin problems.

Jordanie La mer morte

4. Citadel of Amman

Located in the heart of the capital, on top of a hill, it offers a 360 ° view of the houses clustered downtown . The view can distinguish columns of the Temple of Hercules , and Omayyad Palace .

Jordanie citadelle dAmman

5. The Roman ruins of Jerash

This greco-roman archeologic site is well preserved and similar to Pompéi. It’s with Petra and Wadi Rum’s desert one of the major attraction of Jordan.

Jordanie Ruines romaines Jerash

6. Karak Castle

Located at the southern tip, Karak Castle is a dark labyrinth of vaulted stone rooms and endless underground tunnels. First bricked by the Crusaders, you can make out the further use of lighter limestone blocks and cared Arabs.

Jordanie Chateau de Karak


When to go? In the spring and early fall, the heat is bearable. Winter can be cold and rainy.

20 hours of flight to an extremely friendly population, a country financially affordable and not too much touristic yet, beautiful landscapes, unique traditions in the world, heavenly beaches, tropical climate throughout the year.. So, it worth it ! Here’s where to go to make the most of your stay.

1 – Intramuros in Manila


This city doesn’t have great tourist interest, except his oldest district : Intramuros. We can contemplate the beautiful San Augustin Church built in 1571, who survived natural disasters and lot of bombings during the World War II.
48km of Manila, the former US base, called Corregidor, is a nice visit. You can see historic fortifications, canons and barracks.

2 – Boracay


This is one of the most touristic destinations in the Philippines. The reason is simple : there are the most beautiful beaches in Asia, as the Beach Ariel Point for example. If you like beaches parties, you’re in the right place, in fact it’s like the St Tropez of the Philippines.

3 – The Mount Mayon

Le mont Mayon

Located on the Luzon’s Island, it’s the most active volcano in the country. Many disasters have happened, but it’s still a great place to visit.

4 – El Nido

El Nido

White sand beaches, clear blue lagoons, it’s the tropical paradise of the Philippines.

5 - Banaue Rice Terraces

Les rizières en terrasse de Banaue

In other words, the Eighth wonder of the World. A trek in this rice, old of 2000 to 6000 years, built on the mountain, which offer a wonderful landscape.

6 – Vigan


Registered in the world patrimony of the UNESCO, it is a perfect example of Spanish colonial town in Asia. Known for its cobblestone streets and its unique architectural style between Spain and Asia.

7 –The incredible dives (whale shark, turtles ...)

Les incroyables plongées

Oslob et Donsol

They are the two place where you can see et swim next to big whale sharks that are attracted by food. The best time to see them is between February and April.

Apo Reef

It is the Philippines's largest coral reef. Dive in this marine reserve, allow to note a wonderful marine wildlife and also beautiful corals.

Puerto Galera

Famous for its several place of dive, that are easily accessible. There's something for everyone, if you doesn’t make dive, the surrounding area is nice to explore, and there is beautiful cascades.

Tubbataha Reef

Located in the middle of the sea of Sulu, this protected marine park is quite difficult to join. It’s a member of the top ten of the best places in the world for dive, thanks to its high degree of biodiversity.

8 – The islands of Bohol

Lîle de Bohol

Bohol offer many attractions, especially the Chocolate Hills, which are hills 30 to 50m high, in cone shape. You can also see some Tarsiers (a little primate with big eyes). This is a tourist place, you can find many bar and restaurant along the beach. You can drink a fruit juice while the sun sets on the marsh, made snorkeling...

9 – Batanes


An archipelago consisting of ten islands, located at the north of the country, whitch offer beautiful landscape very green, it is the place that the most different of the rest of Philippines.

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Are you planning to visit the Kremlin? Do you want to spend a few days in St. Petersburg? Do you intend to take the Trans-Siberian Railway? For this trip, you need a travel insurance to obtain your Russian visa.

To travel to Russia, you must provide a certificate of travel insurance in your visa application form.
In this article, we will tell you all about the Russian visa and the compulsory travel insurance.

Visa obligation

If you wish to travel to Russia, even for a tourist stay, you are required to make a visa application. There are four types of visa:
• the tourist visa,
• the business visa,
• the work visa,
• the private visa.

Russian visa: required documents

The required documents

To apply for a Russian visa, you will need to at least provide the following documents:
• your tourist voucher or invitation to go to Russia,
• your passport, valid at least six months after supposed date of departure from Russia
• a photocopy of your passport,
• the visa application form filled beforehand online ,
• a certificate of travel insurance and repatriation,
• a passport-type photograph,
• payment of visa fees.

The Insurance policy required to obtain a visa to Russia

For all your trips to Russia, you must purchase a travel insurance and repatriation plan beforehand and present a travel insurance certificate for your visa application. Your insurance must be valid for the duration of the stay on the entire Russian territory.
Mondassur is a specialist in travel insurance that provides insurance plans you need to obtain your Russian visa. Request a free quote, sign up online and immediately get your certificate of travel insurance for the embassy!

Доброго пути!

Who is eligible?

VIE is an international internship program open to all European citizens between 18 and 28 years and can apply for a VIE mission in a French business for a period of 6 to 24 months. Companies in Mexico are mainly interested in profiles of business development, technical sales or engineering. Since July 2003, compensation is for this program is €2,196.

How to find a VIE?

1. Send spontaneous applications to French companies located in Mexico. You can find a list of companies members of the “Chambre Franco-Mexicaine de Commerce et d’Industrie” (CFMCI)

2. Prospect SMEs that interest you and are likely to have an export project

3. The CCI (Chambre de Commerce International) in your area may also have information on the companies that have an implementation project in Mexico

4. Ask about the Information Centre of the site on International Volunteering

What are the conditions to apply for the VIE Visa?

• Be between 18 and 28 years,
• French or European nationality in good standing with your country
• Entitled to full civil rights
• Have no criminal record
What are the necessary documents?
• Completed application form
• Passport: the minimum validity must be an extra month on the date you will leave the Mexican territory. You must provide a photocopy of your passport with the following information: photo, owner’s details, and validity of the passport.
• Photo ID: minimum 32 mm x 26 mm and maximum 39 mm x 31 mm
• Certificate of Business France
• Commitment letter to VIE program, signed and stamped, along with a photocopy.
• Certificate from the company in Mexico who will be guarantor of the volunteer during his/her stay in Mexico, indicating the period and activities to be performed, as well as the organization responsible of compensation and the amount to be rewarded
• Copy of the RFC (tax identification type) of the Mexican company
• The Certificate of French company indicating the period and activities
• Visa fees (possibility to pay in cash)

What are the application procedures?

1. The applicant must send the visa application file to the following address:
Sección Consular de la Embajada de México

4, rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
75002 París
Tel: 01 42 86 56 20
Fax: 01 49 26 02 78
Warning the Mexican embassy does NOT examine applications received by email.

2. Acceptance of the application file:

When the application is accepted, the visa can be withdrawn within two business days. If the visa applicant resides outside the Paris region, he/she may provide a Chronopost letter to receive the passport.

What health insurance choose?

The most important criteria to take into consideration for an expatriation are:
• Sanitary conditions: repatriation if healthcare on site is insufficient
• Access to healthcare: cares reimbursed in both the public and private medical structures
• Financial conditions: medical expenses are covered in Mexico and other countries of the world
• Legal circumstances: to exercise your rights abroad

Mondassur can help you choose the health insurance most suited to your needs for a better expatriation in Mexico.

Study in the US

Students who wish to study in the United States often underestimate the time required for admissions procedures. Here is a list of important criteria that should not be missed if you wish to apply to an American university.

English tests

As an international student, if English is not your first language or if you have not completed your studies in English, universities in USA require a test to check that you meet the required level. Several language tests are accepted such as TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC.

University admission tests

You may be asked to complete an admission test depending on the course for which you are applying. Some of the most requested tests are GRE, GMAT and SAT. It is important to check in advance the requirements of the university you choose in the United States.

Application form

There is strong competition to enter an American university and it is necessary to prepare your application efficiently. CV (resume in English), cover letter, personal statement and career plan, letters of recommendation and school credentials (translated into English) are some documents that must be included in your file. This list varies according to the chosen course and university so you must be very attentive to specific requirements.
Health insurance

After receiving a positive response from the university, there are other criteria that need to be met before you can study in the United States. Indeed, many American universities require that international students should be covered before the beginning of their studies.

Some universities in USA offer their own insurance but they are generally less affordable than international health insurances.

To choose a suitable insurance for your education that will protect you in any event, Mondassur is committed to offer you an insurance plan that meets the criteria of American universities and we guarantee its approval by the university.

You can request a free quote online or contact Mondassur for any queries you may have.

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