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Working Holiday Programme: a great opportunity for students

A few years ago, France has signed agreements with several countries to promote youg people exchanges.


This agreement is called the Work and Holiday Visa. It was first signed between Japan and France in January 1999, then with New Zealand in June 1999, in October 2003 with Canada and in November 2003 with Australia.


This visa is for people who wish to go on holiday in one of these four countries with the opportunity to work to earn additional financial resources.


The conditions to be fulfilled for this program in France are:

  • Be between 18 and over 30 years old at the date of filing the visa application (over 35 years old for Canada)
  • Have a valid French passport
  • Not be accompanied with children
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase a return ticket
  • Have sufficient resources for the first three days of stay
  • Write a cover letter to highlight your application and your projects
  • Provide a medical certificate
  • Give proof for travel health insurance covering all medical risks during your stay

The visa issued is valid for one year with 12 months to arrive in the host country. The duration of stay must not exceed one year from the date of entry into the country without possibility of extension (except in Australia, exceptions are now allowed). It is in principle not possible to change status during the stay. A work permit is made on arrival in the host country. This visa does not give the possibility to benefit from the social security system (unemployment, illness, etc..) from the host country hence the absolute need for travel health insurance before departure.


With the exception of Australia, which no longer imposes quotas for French citizens, the number of participants in this program is limited and fixed each year between the participating countries.


For Australia since November 2005 in order to promote seasonal jobs in harvesting, the Working Holiday Visa holders can apply for a second Working Holiday Visa directly from abroad and thus stay a second year.


To help small states and rural areas in Australia to receive more skilled migrants, Working Holiday and Occupational Trainee visa will now also apply for a Skilled Independent Regional Visa without having to leave the country. This type of visa is a step towards permanent residence.


Still in Australia since July 1, 2006, this "Working Holiday Visa" has changed in two important points:

  • The maximum period with an employer is from 3 to 6 months
  • The maximum duration of study is from 3 to 4 months

The applicatuion form for “Working Holiday” Visa are to withdraw from the consulate of the destination country. They are also available from the following websites:
for Japan
for New Zealand
for Australia
for Canada


Since the 90s, the "Working Holiday" programme is has been a real success and the issuance of visas has doubled. These visas enable young French people to open themselves to another culture and another country. It also promotes the development of tourism in the host country and can strengthen the political, economic, social and cultural ties with foreign countries.

Here is a very interesting programme for students or more widely young people and a great opportunity to experience new horizons!
And do not forget your travel medical insurance to be sure to get your visa in good and due form and insure your health during your stay abroad. Find out more information on the best travel health insurance on


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To go to South Korea with a Working Holiday Visa

We had talked to you about Working Holiday Visa and the opportunity it offers to young people under 31 to go abroad to work, to study and to travel for one year. This visa is available for the following countries: Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and recently South Korea.


Indeed, an agreement was signed between France and the Republic of Korea concerning  the "Working Holiday programme" in Seoul on October 20, 2008. This agreement came into force on January 1, 2009 (Decree No. 2009-31 published in the Official Journal of 11 January 2009).


Attention, it is imperative to have a travel insurance valid for the duration of your stay in order to obtain this visa. We offer specific insurances which cover you up to 1 million euro in actual costs with an interesting rate for holders of a Working Holiday Visa.


We remind you the conditions to apply for this visa:

  • Not to have already benefited from this programme. Exception to this rule: since November 1, 2005, people with a first visa “Working Holiday” for at least three months for seasonal crops in some regions of Australia can ask a second visa of this type.
  • To be between 18 and over 30 years old at the date of filing the visa application (over 35 years old for Canada);
  • Not to be accompanied with children;
  • To have a valid  French passport;
  • To have a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase a return ticket;
  • To have the financial resources necessary to support the start of the stay. The minimum amount of resources is determined annually by the signatory States.
  • If need be, provide a cover letter or a resume;
  • If need be, present a medical certificate and a clean criminal record;
  • Justify that you have private insurance covering all risks related to illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization and repatriation for the duration of stay.

Schengen Visa: Mandatory medical insurance

France is in the lead when it comes to tourism. With its nearly 80 million visitors each year, France has been the most visited country for several years now. Therefore it is not surprising at all that tourism in this country generates an income of 40 billion Euros per year according to the French Ministry of Tourism.

Besides Europe as a whole is tourists’ favorite destination. In 2008, 488 million travellers from all over the world came to experience Europe’s diversity of landscapes and culture.

If you're travelling to France to visit the country, your family, or to take a language course, and if you stay less than three months, you may need a visa depending on your native country. To get this short term visa - which is called “Schengen Visa” as it grants you access to countries belonging to the Schengen area – you will have to get an entry certificate and mandatory medical coverage. Mondassur, an insurance broker specialised in travel insurance, proposes insurance for your stay in Europe.

Schengen Europe Access Insurance
Subscribing travel insurance is mandatory for anyone wishing to get a Schengen visa. The Schengen Europe Access insurance offers protection for a stay up to ninety days within the Schengen area. You can subscribe up to 75 years. You can request a free quote and purchase this insurance through a secure transaction on
The protection you need at a great price
For a stay of fifteen days, you are covered for 29 Euros; for a stay of three months, the maximum you can stay in France with a Schengen visa, you get coverage for 74 Euros. This insurance also guarantees civil liability. It is important to purchase travel insurance when travelling to protect yourself and your family, and so to make the most of your holiday. For more information on benefits and prices of a Schengen travel insurance.
Countries of the Schengen area
The Schengen area ensures the opening of borders between the 25 countries which signed the Schengen Convention in 1985. The Schengen area does not cover entirely the territory of the European Union as Great Britain, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria did not sign the convention. Besides, three non-EU countries are associated to the Schengen area: Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. The Schengen visa allows you to stay in every country which signed the convention. But to get the visa it is compulsory to get medical coverage through travel insurance.The Schengen Europe Access Insurance by Mondassur covers you for your stay in Schengen countries as well as in other European countries. This broad coverage makes it a particularly innovative contract.
Some countries whose nationals must obtain a Schengen visa to travel to France

The list is not exhaustive: China (except citizens with a visa from Macao and Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey, Congo , Thailand, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, Brazil ... Some countries may be exempted from visa Schengen, but however it is mandatory to obtain medical insurance for their arrival in Europe.

Find out the countries for which Schengen visa is not necessary

Useful information on the Schengen visa
  • It is necessary to make the visa application in person at the French consulate of your place of residence. If your visa expires, you must return to your country to reapply.
  • If you are staying in several countries, send your request to the consulate of the country where you stay the longest. So if your plane lands in a country of the Schengen area where you do not stay, you do not have to send a visa application to the consulate of this country.
  • The following nationalities do not require a Schengen visa to enter French territory: Australia, Brazil, South Korea, United States, Japan, Mexico, Singapore,Venezuela. However, this does not apply to you if you have a paid occupation inside French territory and the territorial authorities of Outre-Mer.  However, even if you do not need a visa, you may be required to subscribe medical coverage.
  • A Schengen visa is valid in all Schengen states, unless the visa sticker states otherwise.
  • Your visa application must be completed before you come to the consulate, which is usually done on an appointment.
  • A visa is valid from a date maximum three months before your departure, or on the day you get it, as you choose.
  • You will have to pay a fee to get a visa.

Find out detailed information on visa application in France.

Live in Argentina with the Working Holiday Program

Are you between 18 and 30 years old and come from Australia, New Zealand, Irland or France? Do you dream of exploring Argentina? To be immersed both culturally and professionally?

The Working Holiday Program (WHP) is for you! This program allows you to live in Argentina for a year for work and travel. It is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your Spanish and have a personal and professional experience in a country known for its cultural diversity and beauty of its landscapes.

When you apply for your WHP visa, the Embassy of Argentina requires you to take out health insurance. Our insurance plan “PS Working Holiday” is made for this type of stays abroad. You can be covered in Argentinia at a negotiated and attractive rate for participants of the Working Holiday Program.

Mondassur also offers an exclusive service: a free translation in spanish of your insurance certificate. You don’t need to make a sworn translation! You will save more than 70 euros! Our commitment: You save time, you benefit from a great health insurance and you avoid additionnal translation costs while complying to the official criteria imposed by the Argentinian authorities.

Request a free quote for your insurance Argentina Working Holiday Program Insurance.

Travelling to the US: Mandatory tax ESTA

Notice to travellers to the United States, ESTA authorization is now to be paid.


Reminder: ESTA authorization only concerns persons travelling to the U.S without a visa for a maximum of 90 days (Visa Waiver Program).


With requesting the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), you will have to pay $ 14 on top of your trip as a mandatory tax. It is valid for a maximum of 2 years or until the expiration date on your passport.

What is ESTA?


This is a form to fill out online before your trip to the United States. This is a security measure under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) mandatory for any travellers to the United States.


Since when does it apply?


Since September 8, 2010, anyone setting foot on American soil will pay the tax as required by the Travel Promotion Act of 2009.


What is it for?


Fund the creation of an Office of Tourism to increase the number of visitors to the United States. The objective of this facility will promote tourism and inform passengers about the conditions for obtaining visas and security procedures.


How to choose travel insurance for the U.S.?


It is strongly advised to take out travel insurance for the United States with good coverage of medical expenses (ideally at least 500,000 euros). For more information on the criteria for selection of travel insurance.


More information about ESTA on the official website ESTA.
Mondassur is now an official partner of the French U.S. tourism office.


Find out practical information on travel insurance on or

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    Thank you very much for your help and your professionalism. I really appreciate your response and so I want to thank you. I was completely satisfied with the services offered by your company and the people with whom I was in contact. If needed, I will not hesitate to call you again or to recommend your insurance to my friends and the people I know.

    Thank you very much for your help and your professionalism. I really appreciate your response and so I want to thank you. I was completely satisfied with the services offered by your company and the people with whom I was in contact. If needed, I will not hesitate to call you again or to recommend your insurance to my friends and the people I know.

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