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You want an unusual holiday away from tourist crowds? Experience an unforgettable experience and see breathtaking scenery?

Welcome to Mongolia where you can travel whole days without crossing a Man. By crossing on horseback or in jeep immense distances and cross antelopes, wolves, yaks, camels or horses in freedom. Among these areas, you will encounter isolated villages, camps of yurts ..

Mondassur desertGobi

Excursion to the Gobi Desert

Dunes of Khongor Els

Sand dunes that stretch over more than 180 kilometers in length up to 300 meters high. Sublime spectacle when the dunes nicknamed "singing dunes" begin to emit a sound created by the sand friction between them.

This region inhabited by many camel breeders will give you the opportunity to learn more about these animals and especially to take a long walk on their backs.

Bayanzag Cliffs

Known for saxaul, a globally threatened plant growing in the Gobi Desert. The place is also famous for its "red sand" cliffs today called "blazing cliffs" for their red and ocher colors.

Monastery of Ongi

The valley near the Ongi Monastery offers a spectacular view of many migratory species: passerines, thrushes and thrushes. While enjoying the soothing and spiritual atmosphere of the place. After a day of hiking in the Gobi Desert, enjoy the magical moment by observing the starry sky as you may have never seen it before.

Province of Khentii

mondassur provinceKhentii

Very wild, it is for you the opportunity to make treks, to ride on horseback in the valleys. You will meet nomads with whom to exchange. The landscape combining steppes, valleys, mountains, lakes and rivers promises sweet nights under the stars. The province of Khentii is full of rivers of virgin and cold water. The first activity that lends itself to this landscape is angling. A laid-back afternoon, in an idyllic and soothing setting for fishing enthusiasts.

Experiences not to be missed

  • Sleeping in a yurt: the yurt remains the main habitat of the Mongols. If you are curious, you can admire how they climb and dismantle the yurts in just a few hours. And above all discover the layout of this living space.

mondassur yourte

  • To travel the country on a horse or camel: as said before, the spaces are immense and to cross them on the back of an animal represents an immense opportunity.
  • Getting into the Trans-Mongolian: This is another fabulous way to discover the country. This train travels the country slowly, little used by tourists it is the opportunity to meet and discuss with Mongolians.

mondassur transmongolien

Do not forget, before each departure abroad to subscribe your international health insurance.

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mondassur autorisation sortie territoire

If your minor child intends to leave French territory for any reason, some precautions should be taken :

  • In all cases, do not forget to take an international travel insurance for your child.
  • Since January 15, 2017, a minor child who lives in France and travels abroad alone or without being accompanied by one of his parents must be issued with an authorization to leave the country. That document is a form established and signed by a parent (or legal guardian).

This provision, which was abolished in 2012, is now part of the law for prevention of radicalization and the fight against terrorism.

French or foreign parents living in France

If the child lives in France and his parents are either French or foreigners, he must provide the following documents at the border:

  • Valid ID of the minor: identity card or passport plus a visa if the country of destination requires it (if you don’t know you can check the country files on )
  • Copy of identity card or passport of the signatory parent - The title must be valid or expired for less than 5 years
  • Original of Cerfa form 15646 * 01 signed by one of the parents with parental authority

If the child lives abroad

A French child who is ordinarily living abroad and who is staying in France does not need to provide proof of leaving the country when leaving France. On the other hand, he must present a valid identity card or passport accompanied by a visa if required by the country of destination.

A foreign child who lives abroad and who stays or passes through France also does not have to submit an authorization to leave the country. He must be in possession of his ID and travel documents required by his country of destination.

For which countries is the Authorization mandatory?

This document is required whatever the country visited: Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, England ... regardless of the destination of the child. From the moment the minor crosses the French border, the authorization to leave the territory is required.

Who should sign the Authorization?

The signatory must be the custodian of parental authority. In the event of a divorce from the parents, if both parents have this status then either of them will complete and sign the document.

If a conflict exists and one of the parents objects to the child's departure from the territory where he lives, the child may resort to an opposition procedure (OST) in the event of an emergency or to a Territory (STI).

mondassur globtrotter blogetrotter

Young people are more likely to leave their jobs if they no longer meet their expectations. Traveling allows them to reflect on what they really want from a professional point of view. This generation favors travel to strengthen their CV: learn a new language, gain more work experience, study in another country.

Who is this generation where travel is part of their lives? Traveling forges youth, as well as their professional ambition!

Generation Y

Generation Y, born between the 80s and the late 90s, grew up with a computer in the hands and lived the internet revolution. Perceiving the world as a vast network and strongly favored by the many exchange programs like Erasmus, it is a generation accustomed to go abroad.

For almost ¾, going on a trip has become a necessity or even a priority totally different from the priorities of the previous generation who were buying a house or a car.

Unique and authentic

The young people of today stand out from the previous generations who demanded "all inclusive holidays" by the sea. A trend is emerging on the type of travel sought by young people who will favor adventure, lack of comfort, Nature and long stays. They are no longer so-called "rest" trips / holidays but in order to discover the world around us.

The watchword is authenticity, to be closer to the culture and the local populations when they visit. Authenticity for an unusual trip and to feed the blogs on which the content is essential !!

Social networks and blogs

Social networks are the daily life of generation Y: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ... have become real means of communication.

This new generation, very traveling also becomes ambassadors by creating their own blog. Indeed, becoming a traveler or a tourist 2.0 is possible today thanks to the different applications and websites.

Over the past ten years or so, the number of blogs devoted to travel has increased considerably: good travel advice, compilations of good addresses, tricks and tricks of baroudorurs, illustrated notebooks, sketch reviews, narratives way "diary" or "adventures ", Blogs photos or video reports, old logbook, chronicles from here and elsewhere ... the genres are varied. Personalization is the rule.
Some of them manage to live today and manage to get on the road without having to work next door or break their piggy banks. By sponsoring, they go from country to country and are paid to tell their adventures.

Blogs have become true tourist guides for all trips. It is a new means of information and especially sharing of experience. So do not hesitate to consult the many travel blogs to help you organize your stay or to create one to share your authentic experience !!


A Japanese tradition

mondassur cerisier

Do you know o-hanami? If the expression is not famous for us, it is impossible to miss it if you make a trip to Japan between March and April. Translated from Japanese, O-hanami means "contemplation of flowers". That hobby is very popular in Japan. People there give a special place to the beauty of nature and take time to look at the flowers and leaves throughout the year.

Sakura, the Queen of Flowers

mondassur cerisier0
But the queen of flowers, the one that makes all Japanese people addicted and makes so many foreigners dreaming about is cherry blossom, also called Sakura. At the beginning of spring, it is sometimes whole meadows and mountains that are covered with the magnificent pale pink and so recognizable Sakura. However, the flower is rare and only shows the tip of its nose about fifteen days a year throughout the archipelago. Each year, the Japanese media lend themselves to the game and broadcast a map of approximate dates of flowering area by area.

This year, many newspapers talk about the small town of Kawazu for being the first city full of cherry blossoms with thousands of trees. The whole gives a fairy-like spectacle which is very prized by photographers.
If you are going to Japan, consider buying a good travel insurance with good guarantees.


Going to the other side of the world for one year is a real adventure. But like any good thing, adventure has a price, and this price is often to have to drop your business situation.
Whether you are a student, an employee or in the transition from school to work, the work-holiday visa will literally pause your academic or professional career. From the moment you tread the ground in your host country, you will no longer be a student or an employee, but will have the WHP status, and will therefore leave the classical professional scheme.

This professional "break" chills many contenders to the WHP who, for fear of missing a permanent contract or no longer interested recruiters on their return, prefer to refrain from leaving their country. If these negative thoughts are sometimes true, there are fortunately many good reasons to leave one year on the other side of the world. Reasons that may interest recruiters, enrich your resume and therefore deserve to be cited. Here are five:

To leave alone at the end of the world is to take a risk

The risk of failure and return home without a penny, but also the risk of succeeding and flourishing altogether. What is more attractive for a recruiter than a young graduate able to take calculated risks? Large professional areas are based on risk taking. Is not Marketing a chosen positioning of companies to try to reach as many consumers as possible? Are the laws of the financial markets not based on continual risk-taking? People who know how to take risks are the ones who move forward and move companies forward. So, your new profile can quite interesting recruiters looking for enterprising people, and who know how to take real initiatives.

One year abroad, it is a new language on your CV

Unless you leave PVT in a French-speaking country, you will most certainly be forced to practice a language that is not your mother tongue for 1 year. Difficult not to progress in language when there is simply no choice. Take advantage of this year to learn a new language like Japanese and to improve your English on a daily basis. This will certainly be a great asset to your resume and may even open doors to international posts that were previously out of reach.

Holding one year is managing a budget

Unless you're greeted by your beloved aunt, or being the grandson of Bill Gates, you're definitely not going to go abroad with unlimited finances. Some of you will even leave with the minimum amount of money required to survive before finding a job. And yet, you will have to stay 1 year financially, whether in terms of accommodation, food, outings, transportation, and all the wonderful extras that you do not always think about. What better opportunity than the WHP to test your ability to manage a budget? If you hold 1 year while being left with a small or average amount of money, this is a strong point to highlight with the recruiters on your return. Many executive positions require the good management of a budget, sometimes variable.

Beautiful minds meet

You have most certainly been repeating it a number of times during your studies: the important thing is to create a network. You know, this new word trend that replaced the word piston, a hair too pejorative. More seriously, going from one year to the other end of the world is giving yourself the opportunity to meet similar and sometimes complementary profiles with whom you may wish to start a business tomorrow! If you do not have the entrepreneurial fiber, you can still make beautiful encounters that will help you in your future professional career.

Against a similar profile, how better to stand out?

Let us not veil our faces. Even if you have worked very hard to get your diplomas and your professional experiences are truly worth it, chances are you are not the only one. Other people with similar backgrounds will certainly apply for positions you are interested in, and you will need to know how to stand out. This year alone abroad can be a very good asset in your pocket. Leaving alone in Asia can be considered very impressive for a recruiter. Better, this same recruiter can also be a great admirer of this part of the world, which truly increases your chances of success!
Here are 5 good reasons to leave in WHP, you now have only to launch! If you go with these positive facts in mind, this experience can only be beneficial. See you soon at the other end of the world!

Working Holiday insurance is mandatory to participate in the Work Holiday Program. Mondassur offers travel insurance with specific guarantees and rates WHP:

  • 100% reimbursement of medical expenses without limitation of amount or deductible
  • Dental care
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Flight of luggage ...

Ask for a free quote !


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